Copenhagen Fashion Week S/S 2016

Copenhagen Fashion Week S/S 2016
Copenhagen Fashion Week S/S 2016

Copenhagen Fashion Week is one of the largest returning events in Denmark and by far the largest fashion week in the Nordic Region.

Every year the Nordic region’s largest fashion events is hosted by Copenhagen in the months of February and August. This fashion event is the famous ‘Copenhagen Fashion Week’. Diverse fashion talents are exposed during the event. The glamour hits this sartorial ceremony. All forms of fashion across the region/globe are exposed within that fashion duration. Not only Danish work/fashion is exposed but also the international fashion is brought on the scene. The very fresh faces of fashion take in part, while those who have established a name participate it to deepen the soaked roots. Not only fashion as an art is displayed but also the basic classy fashion and street style is displayed on the event’s commencement.

This is the event focusing majorly on the Scandinavian fashion. The Scandinavian fashion takes on the ‘elegance’ ‘contemporary’ and ‘art wise play ‘as adjectives. This year the spring summer Copenhagen fashion week 2016 held was on 4thaugust in Copenhagen continuing till 8th of august.

The immense Danish talent participated in the event along with international designers. This heat has hit on bigger names like Prada, Valentino,and Saint Laurent to open their flagships in the Danish capital. This fashion week is set apart from the rest of global fashion weeks because it interacts with the common natives of their land. The fashion festival runs side by side the show this way a double interaction session activates inviting people from all over and raising the awareness.

This year’s fashion week held a Fashion Exchange outside the City hall, it initiated as a drop off for unwanted products in exchange of as many desired free products. The donation had been supported by the brands Soulland and Mads Nørgaard.

Mark Kenly Domino Tan’s new Danish luxury was displayed during the fashion week. He is the same Mark known for his extravagant couture. For the art crowd the fashion week highlighted the three art introducers for that show, That includes HenrikVibskov, Anne Sofie Madsen, T.A.C. ‘The hot spray Escape’ was hosted by Henrikand ‘dark fairy tale’ by Anne Sofie. There was also a ballet performance for the show. Prints of T.A.C presented her prints at the Museum Davids Samling on the week’s Friday.Baum und Pferdgarten presented of sporty minimalism and contrasting bohemian prints.

 So, this is what basically happened in the fashion week. There had been a lot of work and enthusiasm in the air. This is the big hit of the show the enthusiasm of the whole city, the whole region and everything gone internationally enthusiastic!