Christian Siriano Mesmerizing Fall Collection 2020

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Siriano fall 2020 eponymous collection by “Birds of Prey” superheroine Harley Quinn, the designer’s dynamic fall collection featured a range of rebel looks.


That was Christian Siriano’s backstage bon mot prior to showing his collection at Spring Studios on Thursday night. While it’s empowering to think we can all channel an inner pigtail-swinging, badass superheroine, Siriano made the connectionless with his clothes than with his models’ colourful hair, streaked in vibrant pink and blue, just like the Joker’s volatile-spunky ex.

“Birds of Prey,” Harley’s very own movie that opens today with Margot Robbie as Harley, sponsored Siriano’s show. Beyond the hair, the most obvious visual connections (at least as indicated by the trailers).

Where the big white hand sculptures that punctuated the set; they were shipped especially for the occasion. “There’s this gothic funhouse that was my favourite part of the movie,” Siriano said.

(He saw the film in advance.) “There are these crazy life-size sculptures that I felt were almost like Dadaism, surrealist.” Siriano also worked in some major tinsel-fringe action, including a massive, shimmery ballgown inspired by a jacket Harley makes for herself in the movie.