Kylie Jenner is hiding her pregnancy

The youngest of the Kardashian sisters got along with the former for a reason, fans say.

American model Kylie Jenner gave birth to a daughter, Stormy, from rapper Travis Scott in 2018. However, when the baby was only a year old, the star couple decided to leave, maintaining friendly relations for the sake of the child.

Already in June of this year, 23-year-old Kylie and 29-year-old Travis shocked fans by stating that they were together again.

The most discerning of the fans suspected something was wrong and suggested that the reason for the reunion of the pair could be Kylie’s interesting position, writes Cheatsheet.

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The first rumors began when Jenner, known for her love of sushi, posted a photo of her lunch. These were ordinary rolls with avocado and rice, but without the fish she adored. Fans immediately found an explanation for the changed tastes of the model: she is expecting a second child.

Kylie Jenner

The second “evidence” among the supporters of this version appeared after the filming of a special episode of the reality show “The Kardashian Family”. For Kylie, as well as for everyone, an alcoholic drink was poured, but until the very end of filming, she never touched her glass.

By the way, the model hid the pregnancy with her first daughter for a long time. Later, she admitted that she was worried that she decided to become a mother at a young age, and did not know how to tell the public about it.